2023: It is Not Past: Best Feature Documentary
Caribbeantales International Film Festival 2023 Jury Award Playa Film Festival Aruba 2023
Ida Does was presented with The Black Achievement Award for her entire body of work by the Secretary of State for Culture.
2022: Audience Award: Best Documentary: Nieuw Licht- het Rijksmuseum en slavernij
Playa FilmFestival Aruba 2022
2021: Best Documentary Feature: New Light:
Imagine This Women's Film Awards 2021
Nieuw Licht official website
2021: Best Documentary Feature: Drie Vrouwen
LA Independent Women Film Awards 2021
Vimeo On Demand
Best Documentary Feature: Amsterdam, Traces of Sugar
(CaribbeanTales International Film Festival- CTFF 2017)

2018: Sir Trevor Carmichael & Jennifer Smith Founders Award
Barbados Independent Film Festival
Best Documentary Feature: Poetry is an island, Derek Walcott
Piton International Film Festival-2014, Golden Award Documentary and Short International Movie Awards-2014 Honolulu Film Awards-2015 Caribbeantales International Film Festival-2014
Best short documentary: Peace Memories of Anton de Kom
(Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival-TTFF-2012)
New Light: Best Feature
Belize International Film Festival 2022
Jury Prize : Mi a No Mi-Trefossa
(Africa in the Picture Film Festival Amsterdam- 2009)
Special mention : Mi a no Mi-Trefossa
(Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival- TTFF-2009)