Everyday Dignity. Philomena Essed.

This 2023 Documentary by Ida Does about anti-racism pioneer Philomena Essed, who wrote a groundbreaking book on everyday racism forty years ago. Despite the controversy the book stirred at the time, it has since been regarded as the definitive anti-racism reference in the years that followed. The documentary highlights the ongoing commitment of Philomena Essed. Is the book still relevant after all these years?

Forty years ago, Philomena Essed wrote the controversial book ‘Everyday Racism.’ Her work remains just as pertinent in today’s discourse on racism. Essed herself and allies such as Gloria Wekker, Marion Bloem, Princess Irene, Anja Meulenbelt, and Hellen Felter reflect on the debate of the past and draw connections to the present. For instance, recently, Sohra, Lakiescha, and Veronika, students in their early twenties, successfully took the lead as activists to integrate discussions on racism and discrimination into education. What qualities does it take to address this issue as a female scholar and pioneer, and what motivates one to persist with it for decades? What wisdom does Essed impart to the younger generation, and what wisdom do the youth return to her?