The Hague, city of monuments

(Dutch and English) The Hague, city of Monuments
Director & Producer.
Onbekend maakt onbemind – 
Den Haag stad van monumenten

The Hague is a real city of monuments. The city has a rich and varied selection of beautiful monuments and cityscapes. This cultural heritage is the result of the work by many generations of inhabitants of The Hague. It’s a legacy that everyone can and should be proud of. All monuments (buildings, cityscapes, parks, trees, cemeteries) tell us that ‘we are home’. This wealth of The Hague can’t possibly be expressed in monetary terms. ‘The Hague city of monuments’ is not easy to summarize in a movie. The film shows a cross section of this wealth: from the well-known ‘icons of monument conservation’ to the landmark buildings ‘around the corner’. The Hague, through the eye of the camera, a joy to watch. – Rabin Baldewsingh

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